Meet Lala - how a koala became so important to me

Meet Lala - how a koala became so important to me

Meet Lala the Koala.

This cute little fellow is, in some ways, as important as Seni’s Birds. Let me take down the memory lane (a very short one).

 I was probably 8 months pregnant and I still haven’t found a plush toy for my unborn daughter. This was giving me such anxiety and sadness that I can only assume it was my pregnancy hormones working overtime.

 One random day, on a random trip to the supermarket I saw this cute, fluffy koala. And it called to me like no other toy ever did. I took it. This would be my daughter's first friend.

Of course, for many weeks after my daughter was born, she could not care less about the koala. I kept showing her, but her vision was still quite limited and such low-contrast things would be almost impossible for her to see. But slowly she started paying more attention to it as I used the Koala for the puppet shows I would put on for her. And suddenly her eyes would light up when she saw it.

 Meanwhile, I also decided to paint her diaper bag with a koala. Why? Because of the plush koala. That’s about it. But you can see that slowly I was starting to associate a koala to my daughter and not any bird. I would see koala “stuff” anywhereand I immediately thought of her.

So when it was time for me to create a character for a new line of work, that would allow me to spend more time with my daughter and still work, a koala was an easy choice.

The more I drew koalas, the more I would associate it with my daughter, and the more I liked koalas. A vicious cycle.


So Lala the Koala was born and I’m incredibly happy with it. What do you think?

 I hope you liked the backup story of our new friend.

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