The importance of birds in our fragile ecosystem is highly overlooked by those outside the ornithology world. Through my years of researching these amazing animals, I’ve learned their vital role in maintaining the balance of nature, from pollination to insect control, not forgetting the immediate benefit that they have on our mental health.

For that reason, Seni Illustrations is more than just an illustration business. My mission is to increase awareness of bird conservation and its importance to our planet through art. Each illustration is an opportunity to introduce a new species to the public and the challenges they face in the wild such as habitat loss and climate change.



  • Use of non-toxic materials whenever possible
  • Responsible disposal of inks
  • Utilizing recycled paper whenever possible (packaging, information cards, etc)
  • Reduction of paper waste by reusing scraps
  • All paper waste not used is recycled
  • Conscious water consumption


  • Production in smaller local companies whenever possible
  • Printing of smaller quantities to avoid dead stock
  • Responsible transportation of printed materials


  • Products are shipped without any plastics whenever possible
  • Encouragement of proper disposal of packaging materials


Seni Illustrations is committed to donating 10% of profits from all sales, to reputable organizations working that protect and rehabilitate bird populations. By contributing to these initiatives, I hope to make a meaningful difference in preserving the natural habitat and ensuring the survival of these remarkable creatures.

Let’s fly towards a brighter and more sustainable future, and together make a positive impact on our planet and its amazing diverse ecosystems.