"Oh, it's just a small thing, why bother?" — that's where the problem starts. If we all think like that, nothing will improve.

But when someone says, "Even small changes count, and I want to be part of that positive change," that's when things start to move forward.

So, with every illustration I show my love for animals and nature.



  • Use of non-toxic materials whenever possible
  • Responsible disposal of inks
  • Utilizing recycled paper whenever possible (packaging, information cards, etc)
  • Reduction of paper waste by reusing scraps
  • All paper waste not used is recycled
  • Conscious water consumption


  • Production in smaller local companies whenever possible
  • Printing of smaller quantities to avoid dead stock
  • Responsible transportation of printed materials


  • Products are shipped without any plastics whenever possible
  • Encouragement of proper disposal of packaging materials


Seni Illustrations is committed to donating 10% of profits from all sales, to reputable organizations working that protect and rehabilitate bird populations. By contributing to these initiatives, I hope to make a meaningful difference in preserving the natural habitat and ensuring the survival of these remarkable creatures.

Let’s fly towards a brighter and more sustainable future, and together make a positive impact on our planet and its amazing diverse ecosystems.