Hi, my name is Inês, but some people call me Crazy Bird Lady.

I'm a graphic designer turned illustrator that found purpose in bird advocacy.

My interest in art began as a child, when drawing was one of my favourite activities. I was always carrying paper, pencils, pens, and colouring books, but I never imagined it would become my work.

My passion for nature was always present, but it was greatly influenced by my grandmother, who adored all creatures. However, birds sing sweetly and may be near powerlines without being electrocuted. They were magical.

Years passed, and I began to learn more about birds. While researching birds to draw, I learned more about their value to our planet and the dire situation of some species.

As with most extinction-related issues, we have a large portion of the guilt. We damage habitats, hunt, alter the temperature, and so alter the food chain. We fail to think about what would happen if birds disappeared, as we would lose pollinators, pest controllers, and fertilisers.

Combining my two passions, I hope to increase awareness of these amazing animals through art, creating beautiful art pieces that you would like to have and share, and telling you a bit more about that specific bird and their conservation status. But raising awareness isn't enough, so I vowed to contribute 10% of the profit of all sales revenues to organisations like BirdLife International to help them protect and restore bird populations throughout the world.


Art Promotion Centre Finland & Finland Ministry of Education and Culture

Work selected for the cards on cultural diversity and sustainable development.
Card: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Work: Steller Jar, 2022

6 July 2022

The Break Fellowship

Selected for The Break Fellowship Programme over almost 3.000 applicants.
The Break is an EU-funded programme for women entrepreneurs towards creating a stronger women-led business ecosystem in Europe.

19th May to 14th June 2023